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Circular Economy Model for E-Waste Management Sector: Innovation by E- Waste Exchange, India

Circular Economy Model for E-Waste Management Sector: Innovation by E- Waste Exchange, India

Written by: Shalini Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO, Sanshodhan


E-Waste Exchange is a startup in the e-waste management domain, which achieved global status and was “highly commended” by the World

Economic Forum (WEF), for its unique “circular economy model for e-waste management”.

E-Waste Exchange has designed and developed RE-CIRCULATE, a unique standard for use by government departments and businesses to achieve responsible production and consumption of electronic and electrical

products in line with SDG 12 (responsible consumption and production),

while contributing to SDG 11 (sustainable cities and communities) and SDG 13 (climate action).

Today, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming the world at a fast pace. While it has created an aspiration among many individuals to reap the benefits of technological development, the e-waste management sector often relies on outdated practices, and is in need of innovation.

‘Sanshodhan: An E-Waste Exchange’ is a digital platform available for corporates and society to directly transfer their electronic waste to government authorized, technically competent e-waste recyclers. “Smart, convenient, transparent, sustainable and economically valuable,” the platform aims to serve urban citizens and businesses that consume electronic and electrical equipment and to enable development of e-waste-free smart cities. E-Waste Exchange is based on the latest information technologies (IT), and seeks to foster environmental sustainability in the e-waste management sector in India and similar economies.

A startup, Sanshodhan: An E-Waste Exchange has been highlighted as a policy recommendation for India and similar economies by the EU’s Resource Efficiency Initiative (EU-REI) Project, implemented by a consortium led by Deutsche

Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), Confederation of the Indian Industry (CII) and adelphi.

The E-Waste Exchange partners with the Indian state Government of Telangana. Launching the platform on 7 February 2018, Jayesh Ranjan, Indian Administrative Service, Government of Telangana, highlighted the “immense value” of E-Waste Exchange as a “timely and topical” effort to organize waste management business, and its “tremendous social benefit.” In February – March 2018, E-Waste Exchange was successfully presented to the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and to UNIDO India in June 2018. In September 2018, E-Waste Exchange was showcased during the EU’s Circular Economy Mission to India where its contribution to managing waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and circular economy was discussed.

E-Waste Exchange won the ‘Clean India Grand Challenge,’ and was lauded by the organizers as “a ray of hope to brighten the e-waste management sector.” The initiative’s efforts to contribute to e-waste-free smart cities were also recognized by regular citizens using the platform to dispose of e-waste: “It’s an outstanding idea and very helpful for the citizens who care about environmental protection for future generations.”

E-Waste Exchange, with the Global Institute for Circular Economy and Sustainable Development Goals, developed ‘RE-CIRCULATE,’ a circular economy model for e-waste management. The model is well suited for implementation by government departments, multi-location offices, corporates, multinationals and conglomerates who are keen to: enhance their green image; contribute to SDGs 11 (sustainable cities and communities), 12 (responsible consumption and production) and 13 (climate action); implement circular

economy for e-waste and associated plastics; and aim to include the positives of e- waste management into sustainability reporting. E-Waste Exchange is looking forward to partnering with corporates and multinationals to support these goals.

Founded by a group of social development and technology experts, in consultation with government departments, industry associations and citizens, Sanshodhan: An E-Waste Exchange aims to find solutions to the e-waste problem, one of the biggest social, economic and environmental challenges of our time, by addressing its root causes.

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