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HR Manager (1)

HR Manager (1)

Last Date For Submission of Application: 15 April 2022

Education: Graduate (Science/Engineering, any stream), MBA (HR). Desirable Experience: 2years or above.


Job Requirements: Key responsibility areas

  1. Achieve  organisational goals
  2. Work Culture
  3. Hiring and team management / Team integration /Workforce empowerment
  4. Internal and external coordination/ All correspondence /Raise invoice /Analyse payment collection status
  5. Coordinate for office activities / Maintenance of all amenities & facilities
  6. Coordinate innovative measures/ new initiatives
  7. Coordinate for organisations’ initiatives
  8. Respond to customers in the least possible time
  9. Track the development of ongoing projects/ coordinate with all teams, as and when required to ensure the success of the projects and activities within organisation.
  10. Assist the management for coordination at all ends.
  11. Develop the documents/ correspondence / projects as & when guided by the management team.



  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowledge about the industry
  • HR services experience
  • Integrity and transparency are the highest priority.
  • IT skills, Presentations skills, Technology Competence
  • Quick learner
  • Sharp understanding of concurrent issues
  • Time management
  • Problem solving
  • Adaptability


Based at Cities: Any city, preferably in Hyderabad/Lucknow. Last Date For Submission of Application: 15 April 2022. Mandatory: Commitment for min. 3 years.

Interested candidates may send their CV along with cover letter on email ID For more details visit us on www.SustainabilityExchange.World

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