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Marketing Manager (1)

Marketing Manager (1)

Last Date For Submission of Application: 15 April 2022

Education: Graduate (Science/Engineering, any stream), MBA (Marketing). Desirable Experience: 2 years or above.


Job Requirements : The core responsibilities are Business Development and project management. Key responsibility areas are:

  1. Marketing (Digital/ Social Media/ in person connect/ meetings)
  2. Design and develop campaigns/ implement campaigns/ conduct social media campaigns
  3. Develop business partnerships, projects and new collaborations
  4. Operate with target oriented approach.
  5. Develop the client base & achieve assigned targets.
  6. Contribute for organisation’ development.
  7. Achieve organisational goals



  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowledge about the industry
  • Integrity and transparency are the highest priority.
  • IT skills, Presentations skills, Technology Competence
  • Quick learner
  • Sharp understanding of concurrent issues
  • Time management
  • Problem solving
  • Adaptability


Based at Cities: Any city, preferably in Delhi. Last Date For Submission of Application: 15 April 2022. Mandatory: Commitment for min. 3 years. Interested candidates may send their CV along with cover letter on email ID For more details visit us on www.SustainabilityExchange.World

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