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Circular Economy & Compliance Consulting and Advisory services

Circular Economy & Compliance Consulting and Advisory services

  • Circular Economy & Compliance Consulting and Advisory services: Sanshodhan pioneered designing the digital circular models for the electronic waste and plastic sector. Our expertise in developing circular digital economy models has been recognised as ‘Highly Commended-The Circulars 2019’ by the World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos. We are members of the committee and contributors to the formulation of national policy on circular economy at NITI Aayog, Government of India.
  • Sanshodhan provides consulting and advisory services to conglomerates and businesses to establish digital systems to turn ‘Circular’ and establish ‘Zero Waste’ models and convert sustainable systems across all offices globally by simultaneously complying with the ordinances. Our innovative, high-impact models enable businesses to save more than 40% of their investment on waste management and policy compliance. Our team of experts designs, develops, and helps implement large-scale, high-impact digital systems for cities, businesses, and industry clusters, to enable their transitions towards climate-friendly, resource-efficient, circular development.
  • Support Services on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Compliance
  • Awareness Campaigns on E-Waste and Plastic Waste management, and Scrappage Policy
  • Training & Capacity Building programs for Stakeholders- Industry, Government, and Academia
  • New Knowledge Development and R&D Projects: Sanshodhan, in partnership with the State Government of Telangana, is enabling the circular product manufacturers/producers to prove the quality of their circular product; support businesses/ offices/ organsations and manufacturing services to turn circular.

December 3, 2021



Welcome to Sanshodhan
Welcome to Sanshodhan