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Digital Impact Assessment Services on Environment-Social-Governance & Economics (ESG)

Digital Impact Assessment Services on Environment-Social-Governance & Economics (ESG)

ESG Assessment and Reporting: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), are the building blocks of ESG research and innovation through which the performance of the companies are deeply studied, analysed, scored and recommendations are thus made.

Our science-based, greenwash-proof mechanisms design assesses ESG impact vis-a-vis economic investment. We support businesses, banks, and investor communities to measure its ESG Impact.  Investors are supported to measure the impact created by their investment and advice conglomerates to design, establish and mainstream the data-backed ESG Reporting.

ESG impact assessment enabling economic benefits

We offer our associates digital programs and management solutions to centralize ESG data, measure and manage risk, and track the progress of the three pillars of ESG which are designed, developed, and implemented.  Such innovative models create efficient and unified ways to track, measure, and report on a company’s ESG goals and initiatives.

Digitisation helps the key stakeholders, centralise information, align frameworks, analyse risk, and report on their ESG programs. Our ESG models are:

  • Supporting businesses to identify and understand the ESG Risks
  • Accelerating ESG data gatherings
  • Reducing complexities and Simplifying ESG Assessment
  • Improving ESG standards which can be their Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Enabling systems to mainstream ESG practices
  • Assessing ESG vis-a-vis investment or existing expenditure

July 29, 2016



Welcome to Sanshodhan
Welcome to Sanshodhan